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Mind control

The way we think isn’t as difficult as we believe. When you learn to understand the human mind, you can do a lot that others can’t do. Like anything else, there’s also an opposite. Something is very wrong with our society. The things we focus on make us stupid. We are being distracted by colors, non-relevant lies and so much more, only just to be distracting from yourself. Find out what’s going on and how to set yourself free.


Learn how to re-program your mind. Knowledge is power. Let´s focus on how our minds work. Filter the information that you have. Share what´s inside. Find the mindset that works best for you. Awaken the minds!


Mind and heart are connected. Find out how to get the right balance between both. Share both. The energy you send will always come back to you. Love is very positive and strong energy.

Energy and vibrations

“If you want to understand the universe, think in energy and vibrations” Nicola Tesla once said. We, as a soul, are pure energy that vibrates on it’s own level. We give direction to our energy by feeding our minds. Often our minds is fed with non-realistic things and fear. This lowers our vibrations. Mostly done by the media. One of the biggest ways to pollute our minds and lower our vibrations causing we can’t live in total peace yet.


"Awaken the minds"
" You are powerful "

There's too much nonsense and confusion in today's world. We are destroying our world! We are more worried about choosing who will win a tv-show than about who will live or die. We are living a lie. Today is the day that you will discover the truth. A SHOCKING TRUTH REVEALED. Only together we can save what is left. Awaken the minds! Courses and classes focus on teaching you something they want you to know. This time you'll be taught how to become your own master so you can yourself. Reprogram your own mind. The video contains all the information to understand the problem. The hours you usually spend finding out your fake social media life, are way better of doing researching things. The video is less than half an hour of your time. If everyone watched it, it would change the world.

The writer

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Calvin Wit
Calvin Wit
Writer of the E-book and creator of
I´m a writer / webdesigner who is interested in spiritualism, writing, photographing and gaming. I’m 18 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I am always ready to learn new things. My final goal is to find balance between mind and heart and to experience as many things as possible.

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They got killed because they warned us...


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