How to grow and understand

Grow, understand

We are all growing. Every second. By what we experience we become bigger and more aknowledged. Your life goal / what you would like to reach in this life, is only possible to reach if you can do what you want to do, within the elements. (Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Spirit). Besides the elements there exist universal laws. These are some terms to know where to start.


If the idea fits within the elements, you have accepted your goal or idea. You can also try to fit it withn the elements to make sure you are doing the right things.
Always ask yourself who, what and why.

Fire: Do I not harm myself or anyone else in any way? (If it does, is it worth it? Priorities above the passion of the idea / goal)
Water: How much energy will I need? How much energy will I receive? Will it be worth it?
Air: Do I need connections? Do these people want to bring me there? Will I flow or are there more things needed to get me there?
Earth: Do I have the wishdom and health to get there? How far can I grow?
Spirit: Who will I be to steer the idea / goal?

Besides the elements, there are Universal Laws. These laws keep the Universe in balance.
You are creating your own truth. Besides facts, the perspective creates your view on things. Which makes us who we are.
Knowledge + Perspective ( = experiences + beliefs ) = Our reality

Every thought changes our reality. We vibrate. When we think something (positive or negative). It brings us to the vibration (frequency) of the thought. The deeper the thought the more chance the thought becomes 3D (Our reality). So when you keep telling yourself something often enough, it will become your reality. You can change your reality however you like it, but it has to fit within the laws of the universe.

There are 4 categories of laws.
(You will read about them in ‘Awaken the minds’.)

  • The basic laws of life
    The Law of attraction, request, recistance, reflection, projection, attachment.
  • The laws of creation
    The Law of attention, Flow, Abundance, Clarity, Intention, prosperity, Manifestation, Succes
  • The laws of higher awareness
    The Law of Balance, Polarity, Responsibility, Discrimination, Affirmation, Prayer, Meditation, Challenge.
  • The laws of higer frequency
    The law of Frequency or Vibration, Miracles, Healing, Purification, Perspective, Gratitude, Blessings, Decree, Faith, Grace and The Law of One.

Everything that exists fits within these Laws. If you want to higher consciousness, these laws are great to expand your understanding of the universe and everything within.

Read all about it in the E-Book.

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