E-Book: Awaken the minds

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Free E-Book: Awaken the minds
Everything you are not ‘supposed’ to know.

Because knowledge is power!


Spirituality, Earthing, the education system, vaccins, the truth about NASA, how our mind works, the pharmacy business, natural healing, mind control, energy, Nicola Tesla – and more!

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Product Description

Information is the basis of everything. Everything we do, say and think is based on certain information.Sometimes we do things from our automatic pilot, not realizing what we are doing and why we are doing it. 


A lot of things are hard to imagine. We judge unknown situations and even people because we do not understand. We are often missing information. This makes things hard sometimes. Life is challenging us in many ways. The more challenges we finish, the more experiences thus understandings we get.

As we all experience things differently, the book will let you dig deeper into understanding the mind. Here you can think about both your consciousness and subconsciousness. You’ll read more about this in the book.

I feel constantly connected with everything. It´s something many can not imagine. I am high sensitive. It often hurts me to see the truth. People telll me there´s no way I know the truth after which I tell them that there is not one truth though when you focus on something, you will start to wonder where as humanity we have gone wrong. Billions(!) are living in poverty, 80% of the original forests has been cut. The truth is no longer hidden. Now we are hiding from it. 


– This book contains lots of colors, pictures, video´s, music and even experiments to experience things yourself.


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