The power of ignorance

You’re zapping channels on tv and suddenly you see an army coming. * News flits! *

While you’re looking away, your friend beside you, will call you ignorant. He might tell you that you don’t want to face this real world. Your view on this world is unrealistic. ” Watch the news. Stay up to date, people will say. They will tell you you shouldn’t ignore the world’s today situation. While especially you are trying to explain what is really going on. Whenever they see it on tv it will be seen as truth, but whenever you explain them what is really going on you will be called crazy and unrealistic .

So, for those that do have more than 2 eyes, look at how massively we are being stupid by accepting the wrong things.

You buy your food in a store. All because there are no other stores selling food. You believe the food is real, but when you find out, you wouldn’t eat anything anymore. All the food is cloned, changed from original and fake!

As example the banana’s from our stores. Look at the ingredients!

Bananas are just one of the fake products we buy. Considered healthy. It’s not as healthy as we believe, but still healthier than cookies, candy and all other food that really causes illnesses.

Besides the food, we are being sprayed. There is 100% proof and still nobody gives a shit. The air we breath is not all oxygen. It contains less oxygen by the day and more chemicals. It makes us sick which the drug stores are happy of. They will sell more treatments, medicines and research. People are blind for the real problem.

Also, the citizens are paying the government to do research in space. While actually, if you’d open your eyes, you’ll find out all of what they are showing us is fake. The moonlanding was recorded in a studio. They put the proof right there for those that do want to know the truth. Look at the picture below. It’s the spaceship NASA told us, they sent to the moon. One can in no way sent something from paper into space. Take a look below to see what it’s made of. The money we are spending on this, as well as much what we are spending on other government projects as pretty fake. The money is used for technology of the future which is being used by the government. Created on place where we are not allowed to go. Places as area 51 and area 52, which probably lays under area 51. Every year our deep governments technology gains 70 citizen technology years. With this technology they created HAARP, mind control programs, time travel and much more. Money may be something from earth,


All of this and many other things, could only happen if there were people not saying a word about it. Not caring because it should be okay because everyone has accepted it. Stop being blind and stop these things as well as many more!

If you are interested, you can do some research on the truth that has barely been exposed so far, for yourself with the following search tags on google:

Nasa war in space
Plasma around the world / Earth it’s dome
Eminem clones
Why are the bees dying by billions?
Truth about
Lies about war on drugs
How to heal cancer, ALS and other illnesses with cannabis oil.
Polluted aquifers
Mind control
MK slaves
False flags

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