Time is only an illusion

We live in the present. Our minds in the past or future. The thought that time is real is something we believe only because the concept was made so things would make sense to us. Because of this concept it’s hard for us seeing what it really does to our minds. Time was an early part of mind control. It’s unknown when it was invented.  There have always been people tryning to explain things. As example they would write an entire book and say it’s the will of God, to make everyone obey their words like they were those of God. It’s invented so our lives could be ordered – think of those in power taking advantage of that right now. We constantly are checking out the time.

Time is nothing more than space. Yesterday had different space than today. Just like tomorrow. Also is believed (and some claim to know this for sure!) the deep government owns the technology to travel in time. The technology to travel time is to bend space (back or forwards?) which makes pretty much sense to me.

‘Right now’ on earth also is ‘right now’ on a planet that is claimed to be lightyears away. Despite light is only what we observe, so is time.



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