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We lost grip on our world. We are allowing the government to control us, in any way possible. We simply trust them and think it’s okay. In fact we don’t think about it at all. But realize, this is the same government you read about in history books. The killing devils. Feeding us lies, starting wars… they who consider themselves Royal and more important than others. Everything is still the same. We are still slaves of the system. We must work from 9 to 5 to stay alive. They invented that system. Money is limiting our minds and behavior. They are charging us for electricity which should be completely free. They are hiding information. And we don’t seem to care much. We are kept busy with other things. Just like you route in history books…

Realize your mind is filled with programmed. Start thinking for yourself again and discover a New World from within.

What the truth means for you

Don’t be scared or sad because of all the ungoing. It has been going on for a few hundred years but never as extremely as they do right now. The video and the E-Book are both meant to make you aware of the ongoing, so you can set yourself free from suffering from lies and fear that they are giving us.

Advantages After reading the book and watching the video

– You can heal yourself and others mentally
– Awaken yourself spiritually
– Reprogram your mind
– Set yourself free from lies and fear

Video from Anonymous

Video from Anonymous sharing knowledge and exposing secret government agenda


Don’t forget to download the E-Book to get a full understanding of the ongoing and how to set yourself free.


To have a great impact, please share the knowledge that you gain. Together we can make a change by raising awareness. Kill the ignorance!

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