Why are there terror attacks?


The world is in fear. That’s why it’s happening. Let me tell you already; It’s bullshit. Everything on the media is bullshit. It needs to be clear for anybody. I am sharing this news to show you media is complete bullshit and lies. I will tell you exactly what is going to happen. Before they will tell your their fake story, read this story. Know the truth! Don’t be scared. We are in power. Fear makes us give away our power. We do not need government. They steal our money and power. People are taught to follow up orders. A terror attack has a huge impact to our world. Billions of people will get scared.

We all live on vibrations. Fear lowers vibrations. High vibrations are needed to change things in this world, with your own power. The things in our food (GMO’S) as well as chemtrails which they are spraying lowers our consciousness. It’s really happening. Don’t look away…

What exactly happens?

Mostly, CIA hires crisis actors. Those people are being payed to fake pain and fear. It will be on the news. Because school disorders our brains to work properly, we – at a young age – were disordered from a Mind-Heart balance we need to live our lives the way we want to – and need to. Because of this we will not see what is really happening. Instead we get mad on the wrong people. The human race from the same planet as we all. The government has taught us rules and people need to be different because or imaginary lines which one names borders. * very strange, right?*. A terror attack (wether fake or not), makes people blame each-other. They do not listen to eachother. They just allow the media to program their minds. It’s important that you are conscious of this happening. In fact we are all causing a new world war.
They only have to stage an attack and they will take all the advantages.

– [ ] Fear —> Lover vibration —> Lower consciousness
– [ ] More security needed —> Money keeps rolling —> Better economy.
Really, ‘they don’t really care about us!’ It’s a game and they take advantage of everything
– [ ] People blaming eachother —> Focus on lies —> Confusion + people fighting eachother —> War (Very important for the economy)


Don’t be a fool and laugh at me, you allow it to happen, what you are really doing is laughing at yourself. You allow people to take everything away from you. Be realastic. The world we see isn’t real. Wake up! Please don’t look away. Things are obviously not right. We can change it. At least TRY to understand it.

There’s so much proof. Truth is crazy and disgusting, but when you face truth, we can change the truth, together. Don’t be selfish, help this world! The world of lies you are living in, is more disgusting than the world of truth you refuse to see.

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